Syringe Magnifier

The Insul-eze is a sturdy one-piece syringe magnifier that holds the syringe and insulin bottle in place while magnifying 2x for easy viewing of the syringe markings.

The design of the Insul-eze creates an ease of use. The insulin bottle securely snaps into place then the syringe drops in the channel, effortlessly aligning the needle for insertion into the bottle. The magnifier, syringe and bottle are secure for easy loading and viewing.



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Available Packaging


  • Fits Insulin Vials
  • Vial Top Opening, 0.50 – 0.55 inch (13-14mm)
  • Part#IZ6000


  • Fits Medication Vials (Non-Insulin)
  • Vial Top Opening, 0.81 – 0.82 inch (20-21mm)
  • Part#IZ6000U



Key Features/Benefits

  • Aids in syringe loading for visually impaired
  • Magnifies all syringe calibrations two times for easy reading
  • Holds syringe and bottle firmly while drawing dosage
  • Works with most size bottles and insulin syringes; 1ml, 1/2ml, or 1/3ml
  • Can be attached with Velcro or magnet for easy viewing and loading