Helps Load Syringes, Stores and Identifies Insulin Bottles

The Insul-Cap is an insulin bottle cap designed to make it easy to store, identify, and draw insulin into a syringe. It enables effortless syringe loading for unstable hands. The Insul-Cap is applied to the top of the insulin bottle and has a needle guide to help direct the syringe when loading it with insulin, saving the frustration of broken needles caused by misalignment.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Allows for safe and convenient loading of syringes for patients restricted to the use of only one hand, unstable hands, or who have visual problems
  • Fits most bottles and syringes for insulin injections, and the Omnipod syringe to help load the infusion pump reservoir. Does not work with Luer-Lock syringes.
  • Allows user to withdraw hard-to-reach insulin from the bottom of the bottle
  • Easy to put on, store and remove
  • Keeps bottle tops sanitary
  • Package set comes with two sets of different colored caps for identification when mixing insulin
  • Part#IC200S